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penerimaan cpns depkes

Penerimaan CPNS Departemen Kesehatan 2007

10 Nov 2007
Departemen Kesehatan RI membuka kesempatan bagi Warga Negara Indonesia pria dan wanita lulusan D-III dan Sarjana untuk diangkat sebagai CPNS Pusat yang akan ditempatkan di seluruh Kantor Pusat dan Unit Pelaksana Teknis milik Departemen Kesehatan di daerah.
Pendaftaran seleksi dimulai tanggal 12 sampai dengan 22 November 2007 dan Ujian Tulis akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 1 Desember 2007.
for more information of the recruitment check this out at
God bless you!!!


Climate change is estimated to cause some 150 000 deaths annually, a figure that could double by 2030. The lack of a credible global system to reduce greenhouse gases is one example of the difficulties of finding a path for collective action on issues that affect the whole world. Could a better understanding of the impact climate change has on human health help break the political impasse?
Environmental experts predict increasing temperatures, rising sea levels, that coastal areas will receive more rain and inland areas more droughts, and more frequent extreme weather events. However, estimating the burden of disease due to climate change is difficult. Climate change will have the most severe impact on countries with a low capacity to adapt. But if changes happen rapidly even rich countries will suffer problems such as heat stress, more respiratory illness, and changes in vector- and rodent-borne diseases. Some projections estimate that in 80 years climate change may double the population living in areas at risk for dengue fever and increase by 2–4% the proportion of people living in malaria risk areas.
Even if an international agreement on emissions was reached, it would not stave off the existing effects of climate change on health. Specific interventions are therefore necessary, but first we need more research and evidence. There is an urgent need to standardize international protocols for surveillance to monitor changes to human-health indicators as the climate alters. And the international community must help developing countries build up the preventive and adaptive capacity through financial and technical assistance. ■

Resident evil, extinction ( review )

After the Raccoon City Incident in 2002, the T-Virus escaped containment despite the nuclear destruction of the city. Now spreading through the ground, the Umbrella Corporation was unable to contain it. The virus spread across the country, drying up the lakes, rivers, and continents while infecting the majority of the population. After five years, almost every living creature has become a zombie, and the world itself is on the verge of extinction. The Umbrella Corporation appears to be the only organized society of living humans left in the world, its remnants forced to live underground in Hive-like constructs dispersed all over the world.
Alice (Milla Jovovich), Umbrella's greatest Bio-Organic Weapon, is now alone in the desert wastelands of the remains of the United States after learning that the corporation has the ability to track her location via satellite. She has super-human strength and psionic abilities gained from her brief imprisonment by Umbrella. Umbrella considers re-capturing Alice a top priority because of her blood's ability to bond with the T-Virus. Dr. Sam Isaacs believes that he can develop a permanent cure to save what is left of humanity, as well as tame the zombies so as to create a viable workforce by using blood from the original Alice. Umbrella chief Albert Wesker orders Isaacs to create a cure without Alice, using clones created from her blood. Wesker refuses to authorize manpower to recover Alice until they are 100% sure where she is, due to the high risk involved in missions on the surface. The Alice clones endure tests within the re-created Spencer Mansion, The Hive, and Raccoon City Hospital locations, but none survive. The bodies of the failed Alices are dumped in a drainage ditch alongside Umbrella's fenced in desert compound, as hordes of zombies are gathered around the outside. Attempted cures derived from the cloned blood do not work, but Dr. Isaacs discovers that he can create a new strain of "super zombie" that can run, are unusually aggressive, and possess even more strength. Isaacs secretly begins creating a horde of these new super zombies.
Meanwhile, Claire Redfield's (Ali Larter) convoy, which includes fellow Raccoon survivors Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr) and L.J. (Mike Epps), along with new survivors K-Mart (Spencer Locke), Mikey (Chris Egan) and Nurse Betty (Ashanti), search a small motel for supplies. L.J. is bitten, but does not tell Nurse Betty, who checks his other wounds. The next morning a murder of infected crows begin to attack the convoy. A reluctant Alice reappears and uses her telekinetic powers to incinerate the flock by covering the sky in flames from a nearby flamethrower. Despite Alice's help, Nurse Betty and six others die in the attack.
Alice is introduced to Claire, and gives her a diary she found in a nearby town. The diary details radio transmissions that claim that there are living humans in Alaska, and that there is no infection or undead there. Alice convinces Claire that the convoy should make an attempt to reach Alaska before the rest of them are killed. Claire, unable to make such a big decision herself, puts it to a vote of the convoy. After the other survivors agree to try for Alaska, they realize that they need to be resupplied in order to make it. With no other alternative, the leaders of the group decide to search for supplies in Las Vegas. At the Umbrella corporation, with the help of a new artificial intelligence computer called the White Queen, they are able to pick up Alice's location based on the use of her psionic powers. Dr. Isaacs defies Wesker's direct orders and has a crate of his new "super zombies" transported to the convoy's destination. The convoy meet with the new zombies and a battle between them ensues. Mikey is killed along with a large portion of the convoy in the fight, while L.J. turns into a zombie and bites Carlos before being shot. Once Umbrella sees Alice is in position, they attempt to "shut her down" and control her actions. She resists the attempt and destroys the CPU on Umbrella's tracking satellite, while continuing to come for Isaacs, getting to his location just as he slips away in a helicopter. A super zombie bites him just before it takes off. Alice decides not to shoot down the helicopter, instead convincing Claire and the others to steal it from Umbrella and use it to get to Alaska.
The remaining members of the convoy head towards the Umbrella facility, but find it surrounded by thousands of zombies. Carlos' infection has gone beyond a cure, and he decides to sacrifice himself for the convoy. Alice and Carlos kiss before he departs, and he drives a gasoline tanker truck to the entrance to the Umbrella lab, plowing a path through the zombies for Alice and Claire to drive through. All but Alice depart on the helicopter, which is piloted by Claire. Alice plans to exact her revenge on the Umbrella Corporation. Dr. Isaacs, who was arrested by Umbrella after his return from the failed mission to capture Alice, has been locked in his lab. Wesker orders Captain Slater (Matthew Marsden) to 'liquidate' Isaacs, but when they go to kill him they find him sitting in his lab injecting himself with masses of the Anti virus. Isaacs explains that the strand of the T-virus that is carried by the superzombies is more potent due to it being mixed with Alice's blood and therefore he needs much more Anti virus. However, for the first time we see the opposite effect of too much Anti virus as Isaacs starts to mutate. He is shot by Captain Slater, but has already mutated into the Tyrant. Isaacs goes on a rampage, killing all the employees in the facility. The White Queen manages to trap Isaacs in the lower levels and tells Alice that she must pass through there to create a cure for the infection, which only her blood can do.
Alice heads down, seeing a clone of herself still in a vegetative state. She examines it, but Isaacs interrupts, attacking Alice before fleeing when she stabs him with a kukri knife. The clone then awakens, seemingly dying in Alice's arms. She covers the clone in her coat and leaves after Isaacs. In the replica of the Spencer Mansion, a battle between Isaacs and Alice ensues, both displaying use of telekinesis. When the fight is taken to a replica of the laser room from The Hive, Alice informs him that they are both to die there when the lasers activate. The lasers cut Isaacs into pieces in the same fashion as the character One in Resident Evil, but just as Alice is about to meet the same fate, the lasers dissipate. The clone of Alice is shown to be the one who turned off the lasers.
Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Japan, Wesker informs the rest of the Umbrella board that the North American branch has been lost, and he will now control further scientific experimentation from Japan. Using holographic technology, Alice makes an appearance at the meeting, saying that she and her friends are coming for them now. Standing beside the clone of herself, Alice looks onto the rows of pods containing the other clones, their numbers in the hundreds. As many clones begin to awaken, the film ends.

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**Update** Nokia requested that I remove the images, so I did. You can find them easily just about anywhere around the internet. It tells me 2 things, though:
1. They're real (otherwise they wouldn't care)
2. Nokia reads my site. :) **Update**
Yes, you read that correctly. Here, first on, compliments of my friend Blue Blazer Regular, is the full specs sheet and pic of the upcoming N81 8GB Slider. Set to be launched 4Q 2007 and running S60v3 FP1, the Nokia N81 is a slider-followup to the N91 8GB Music Edition. It is quad-band EDGE with 2100 HSDPA (yeah, you know what that means), WiFi (b/g w/ uPnP), BT 2.0 with A2DP, and a 3.5mm slot.
It also has "dedicated music and gaming keys," though I was unable to locate them in the photos. It also mentions a "Navi Wheel", but I'm unable to see that, as well.
More details and a size comparison after the break.

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Kunci pertama berkat

Manusia berusaha mendapatkan.Allah berusaha memberi. Memberi adalah caraNya Tuhan.Hidup dalam jalanNya Tuhan berarti menjadi seorang pemberi.Cara dunia untuk mengumpulkan dan meningkatkan uang, pakaian, harta miliki,rumah, tanah dan bisni adalah dengan MENDAPATKAN. Matius 6:31-33Sebab itu janganlah kamu kuatir dan berkata: Apakah yang akan kami makan?Apakah yang akan kami minum? Apakah yang akan kami pakai? Semua itu dicaribangsa-bangsa yang tidak mengenal Allah. Akan tetapi Bapamu yang di sorgatahu, bahwa kamu memerlukan semuanya itu. TETAPI CARILAH dahulu KerajaanAllah dan kebenarannya, maka SEMUANYA ITU AKAN DITAMBAHKAN KEPADAMU.Dalam kerajaan Allah, Yesus Kristus kelihatannya tidak punya masalah kalaukita mempunyai segala hal yang di sebut di atas.Akan tetapi Dia memberikan pernyataan bagaimana caranya untuk memperolehsemua itu, bukan dengan MENDAPATKAN tetapi dengan MEMBERI.Memberi adalah memberi.Memberi itu bukan membayar seseorang untuk apa yang sudah dikerjakannya.Memberi itu bukan menaruh sesuatu di tangan seseorang dengan ketentuan diaharus melakuan sesuatu.Memberi itu bukan meminjamkan.Memberi itu adalah melepaskan sama sekali kendali tentang sesuatu halkepada orang lain, sehingga mereka bisa melakukan apa pun yang mereka suka kepadabarang yang diberikan.Kekayaan sejati tidak diukur dari apa yang yang dipunyai seseorang, tetapibagaimana mereka memberi dibanding apa yang mereka miliki.Semua orang bisa memberi sesuatu. Kita termasuk orang kaya kalau kita bisamemberi sesuatu. Bahkan benda yang paling sederhana pun bisa menjadi suatupemberian bagi orang lain. Kalau kita bertemu dengan orang yang tidak bisatersenyum, kita bisa memberikan senyum kita kepadanya.Hidup kita akan menjadi petualangan dalam memberi, bukannya pergumulanuntuk mendapat.Oleh : Pdt Daniel P. MartonoDikutip Cerita-Kristen dari sebuah mailing list